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Google Car project (tanpa strring whell)
« on: 21 August 2014, 08:36:27 AM »

Google has programmed its self-driving car to exceed speed limits by up to 10mph in the event of a dangerous situation on the road.

Lead programmer on Google's automated car project Dmitri Dolgov confirmed that in a situation where an automated car is surrounded by vehicles breaking the speed limit, going more slowly could actually present a danger and the Google car would accelerate to keep up or accelerate out of danger.

The Government confirmed in July that it will allow Google to start testing its self-driving car on public roads in three UK cities, starting in January 2015. The UK cities have not been chosen yet and have until the start of October to declare their interest.

Google is building its own basic two-seater autonomous city cars, limited to 25mph initially, for use in the testing.

UK road regulations are currently being reviewed to provide appropriate guidelines for self-driving cars. This will cover the need for self-drive vehicles to comply with safety and traffic laws, and involve changes to the Highway Code, which applies to England, Scotland and Wales.

Google shared a video of the first passenger rides in its self-driving car earlier this year.