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Author Topic: Mobil yang berjalan dan seakan melayang di udara  (Read 1538 times)

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Mobil yang berjalan dan seakan melayang di udara
« on: 15 June 2012, 09:07:48 PM »

mobil ini berjalan dan seakan akan melayang di atas tanah

The car of the Future Hovers above
the Ground with no Wheels Needed

The Hover Car works with minerals in
the ground for its own power source

 Cars of the Future- The Volkswagen
Hover Car

 The Volkswagen Hover Car
In the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, the
program called “The People’s Car”
made its debut and amazed people
with the technology ideas of internet
users that submitted ideas of the car
of the future. The floating disc vehicle
looks like a flying doughnut, and was
presented to the public as a concept
of what cars can look like in the
future. The car moves along the
ground powered by electromagnetism
embedded in the roads to function
which would repel the vehicle to
above the ground.
This is a conceptual vision of what
cars would look like in the future,
unfortunately it is not in production
yet, but it does give people more
ideas on how to mobilize a society on
the go without the use of fossil fuels.

 Last year, in 2011 Volkswagen asked
people to create their ideas of what
the cars in the future would look like.
A young girl by the name of Wang Jia,
from Chengdu, China submitted her
idea on the Car of the Future to
Volkswagen who in turn, made her
the car of her dreams.
 The engine starts with no keys, just
the push of a button, and then rises
above the ground effortlessly, then
they take off above the ground
through the streets of Chengdu.
The city of Chengdu has a lot of
unique minerals underground, and
the Hover Car using amazing
technology reacting with the minerals
in the ground to float. The vehicle
moves with electromagnetic reaction
to those minerals allowing it to float,
hence not requiring wheels or rubber


 This Volkswagen concept car has no
wheels, runs on no gas, has zero
emissions, no batteries and amazingly
receives its power from the reaction to
minerals in the ground.
The vehicle uses an electromagnetic
network to float above the ground,
not on the ground therefore there is
no friction. The car travels up to 37
miles per kilometer, which is great for
inner city traveling and short trips with
in city streets.
The Hover car also runs on auto-pilot,
with a GPS system it can drive you
home without you lifting a finger or
turning a wheel. It has voice
recognition, and is activated by voice
commands like: “Take me Home”
“Take me Shopping” all programmed
to suit the drivers’ needs.
It also has a Safety Sensor, that moves
the vehicle according to the travel
speed and its distance to other cars!
The vehicle can calculate the ideal
speed for the surrounding traffic and
when it senses another car ahead it
stops automatically. A great safety
feature to prevent accidents and dents
while driving or parking.
Yes, Wang Jia is now a car inventor
and with her idea Volkswagen can
made it happen, now that is progress!