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Author Topic: Indoor Moss Decor ( dekorasi lumut dalam ruang)  (Read 3865 times)

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Indoor Moss Decor ( dekorasi lumut dalam ruang)
« on: 04 January 2011, 08:14:53 PM »

We had a surprise party for my grandmother-in-law's 90th birthday at a super-swanky hotel on the north side of Atlanta. The St. Regis is not an eco-hotel, so I wasn't expecting to run across anything more photo-worthy than the gorgeous chandelier and two story Christmas tree. You can imagine my delight when I encountered beautiful touches of moss throughout the second floor lobby!

From moss graffiti to moss lawns, we love a good mossy project around here, and I was really struck by the simple beauty of the moss pieces at the St. Regis. Since moss only needs indirect sunlight and occasional misting with water to thrive, it would work really well for indoor decor in any reasonably sunny room. What a great way to add a little greenery without relying on energy intensive cut flowers!

The moss added a sweet, earthy touch to the room's centerpieces. Even the holiday-themed decorations got a green touch!

I especially liked how they used a large, moss-colored frame to add interest to a neutral painting on one of the walls. You can see a more detailed shot of the moss frame at the top of this post.