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Tibetan / Bodhisattva Vows
« on: 16 April 2009, 11:53:15 AM »
The Eighteen Root Downfalls

1. praising oneself and belittling others
2. not sharing with others one’s wealth and Dharma
3. not forgiving even when others apologise
4. doubting and denying the doctrine of the Great Vehicle
5. taking offerings intended for the Three Jewels
6. abandoning the doctrine through sectarianism
7. causing an ordained person to disrobe
8. committing one of the five crimes of immediate retribution
9. holding perverted views
10. destroying places such as towns
11. teaching emptiness to the untrained
12. discouraging others from seeking full enlightenment
13. causing others to break the vows of Individual Liberation
14. belittling those who follow the path of Individual Liberation
15. proclaiming false realisations such as the realisation of emptiness
16. accepting gifts that have been misappropriated from the belongings of the Three Jewels
17. laying down harmful regulations and passing false judgement
18. giving up the pledge of altruistic aspiration

The Forty-Six Secondary Downfalls

1. not making offerings every day to the Three Jewels
2. acting out of desire because of discontent
3. not paying respect to those senior in ordination and in taking the Bodhisattva vows
4. not answering others’ questions out of negligence though one is capable of doing so
5. selfishly not accepting invitations due to pride, the wish to hurt other’s feelings or anger or laziness
6. not accepting others’ gift out of jealousy, anger etc or simply to hurt others
7. not giving the Dharma teaching to those who wish to learn
8. ignoring and insulting someone who has committed any of the five heinous crimes or defiled his or her vows of individual liberation, or treating him or her with contempt
9. not observing the precepts of moral conduct because one wishes to ingratiate oneself with others
10. complying with the minor precepts when the situation demands one's disregard of them for the better benefit of others
11. not committing one of the seven negative actions of body, speech and mind when universal love and compassion deem it necessary in the particular instance
12. accepting things that are acquired through one of the five wrong livelihoods
13. wasting time on frivolous actions such as carelessness, lack of pure morality, dancing, playing music just for fun, gossiping and also distracting others in meditation
14. misconceiving that bodhisattvas do not attempt to attain liberation and failing to view delusions as things to be eliminated
15. not living up to one's precepts
16. not correcting others who are motivated by delusions
17. parting from the four noble disciplines
18. neglecting those who are angry with you
19. refusing to accept the apologies of others
20. acting out thoughts of anger
21. gathering circles of disciples out of desire for respect and material gain
22. wasting time and energy on trivial matters
23. being addicted to frivolous talk
24. not seeking the means to develop concentration
25. not abandoning the five obscurations which hinder meditative stabilisations
26. being addicted to the joy of meditative absorbtion
27. abandoning the path of Theravada as unnecessary for one following the Mahayana
28. exerting effort principally in another system of practice while neglecting the Mahayana teachings that one already has
29. without good reason exerting effort to learn or practise the treaties of non-Buddhists which are not the proper object of one's endeavour
30. beginning to favour and take delight in the treaties of non-Buddhists although studying them for a good reason
31. abandoning any part of the Mahayana by thinking it is uninteresting or unpleasant
32. praising oneself and belittling others because of pride and anger
33. not going to Dharma gatherings or teachings
34. disparaging the spiritual master
35. not helping those who are in need
36. not helping people who are sick
37. not alleviating the suffering of others
38. not explaining what is the proper conduct to those who are reckless
39. not benefiting in return those who have benefited oneself
40 not relieving the sorrow of others
41. not giving material possessions to those in need
42. not working for the welfare of one’s circles of friends, students, employees, helpers
43. not acting in accordance with the wishes of others if doing so does not bring harm to oneself or others
44. not praising those who have good qualities
45. not acting with whatever means are necessary according to the circumstances to stop someone who is doing harmful action
46. not using miraculous powers, if one possesses this ability, in order to stop others from doing unwholesome actions

Personality / bosan kah anda dengan hidupmu?
« on: 19 February 2009, 09:08:13 PM »
bosan kah anda dengan hidupmu? jujur, aku bosan...

Tibetan / ada yg tau mantra Palden Lhamo?
« on: 19 February 2009, 06:43:11 PM »
ada yg tau mantra Palden Lhamo?

Lingkungan / [ask] Bikkhu Vajra Sagara
« on: 10 February 2009, 11:00:46 AM »
Dear Teman2,

Saya butuh informasi nih mengenai Bikkhu Vajra Sagara. Ada yang bisa kasi info ttg Beliau tidak? Lalu bagaimana kesehatan Beliau sekarang?

Lingkungan / ada berita, biksu mesti ada npwp. benarkah?
« on: 28 January 2009, 10:35:40 PM »
benarkah itu teman2?

Kafe Jongkok / why are there such bad people mommy?
« on: 27 January 2009, 09:44:59 PM »
ini pertanyaan ku pada umur 8 tahun...
apa yang akan temen2 bilang jika (misal) pny anak yg bertanya seperti ini?

Ulasan Buku, Majalah, Musik atau Film / "menyentuh"
« on: 18 January 2009, 09:26:20 PM »
jgn diliat dari tradisi nya, tapi nonton aja, nanti jg ngerti oke...

Pengalaman Pribadi / melihat matahari pagi bersinar
« on: 17 January 2009, 07:53:03 AM »
aku ingin melihat matahari bersinar dengan indah dan terang, seperti dulu. cahaya nya memberikan harapan, kebahagiaan, dan kepercayaan diri. aku juga berharap semoga sinarmu memberikan harapan kepada makhluk lain. semua makhluk. semoga yang menderita dihilangkan penderitaannya, semoga yang berbahagia membagi-bagikan kebahagiaannya.

sadhu sadhu sadhu.

Diskusi Umum / emptiness
« on: 17 January 2009, 12:55:08 AM »
entah kenapa, aku paling suka bagian ini dari Dharma. rasa nya aku menemukan aku yang satu lagi, aku yang sebenarnya. aku juga tambah sadar ama kekosongan dunia ini. seakan akan aku baru lihat realita hidup ini. menurut teman2 gmn? hal apa yg memacu kesadaran teman2?

Buddhisme untuk Pemula / kammathana
« on: 16 January 2009, 12:11:34 PM »
wa dpt link ini dari forum tetangga, mantab... baca deh

Teknologi Informasi / SQL SERVER 2005 EXPRESS ADVANCE
« on: 07 January 2009, 11:53:00 AM »
Namo Budhaya,

Temen2 ada yg pernah coba install DB ini ga? khususnya yg advance, coz ga bs install gara2 iix gagal install, native client juga. mgkn jg ada instance dari SQL SERVER 2005 EXPRESS yg isinya cm native client dan database engine, karena sebelum install yg express advance, aku install yg express biasa. express biasanya uda di uninstall, semua. tapi msh ga bs..

need help... thx...

Tibetan / Review Teaching Dagpo Lama Rinpoche di Jakarta
« on: 04 January 2009, 09:05:34 PM »
yuk diskusi yuk, sekaligus mengingat kembali... Dagpo Lama Rinpoche ngajar di jakarta tgl 3-4 jan 2009 ngebahas ttg (hari pertama) Precious Human Rebirth, (hari kedua) Impermanence dan Refuge. Yuu...

Film / 'Transporter 3', nganterin anak mentri...
« on: 30 December 2008, 11:13:05 PM »
keren lho...

Video Game / Kurusetra
« on: 30 October 2008, 09:53:22 PM »
ada yg pernah main kurusetra ga disini?

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