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Dedication of Merit


May all beings -without limit, without end- have a share in the merit just now made, and in any other merit I have made;

Those who are dear & kind to me -beginning with my mother & father- whom I have seen or never seen, and others, neutral or hositle;

Being established in the cosmos -the three realms, the four modes of birth, with five, one, or four aggregats- wandering on from realm to realm;

If they know of my dedication of merit, may they themselves rejoice and if they do not know; May the deva inform them;

By reason of their rejoicing in my gift of merit, may all beings always live happily, free from animosity.

May they attain the serene state and their radiant hopes be fulfilled.

The Chanting Guide, third edition, revised:2013 The dhammayut order usa 1994


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