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Here’s What Steve Jobs Meant When He Said That Android Is Fragmented

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You see that giant table of smartphones and tablets? Those are all of the Android devices app development firm Animoca uses to test its apps. You see, when you have dozens of manufacturers cranking out phones, tablets and phablets running different versions of Android, you run into a development issue. How do you make sure your app will work on the majority of Android devices? For Animoca, you test your apps on 400 different Android devices.

That’s what Steve Jobs meant when he said that Android was “fragmented.”

Here’s what it looks like to develop on iOS:


Saya rasa, saya melihat hantu kemarin.

ini hanya dugaan manusia saja sedangkan orang nya sudah tidak ada hingga tidak bisa memberi kan kejelasan benar atau tidak dugaan tersebut.

itu belum beli yg barang2 android yg cina punya lagi


--- Quote from: Sumedho on 13 May 2012, 06:00:12 AM ---itu belum beli yg barang2 android yg cina punya lagi

--- End quote ---



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