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Author Topic: [For Creator, Art] Patreon to help Artisan create the Art work  (Read 4668 times)

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[For Creator, Art] Patreon to help Artisan create the Art work
« on: 05 February 2015, 10:41:59 AM »

Patreon, based in San Francisco, is a crowdfunding platform created by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam.[1] It allows artists to obtain funding from patrons on a recurring basis or per artwork. [2] It is popular with YouTube content creators, musicians, and webcomic artists and has been featured in Forbes, Time, and Billboard magazines.

Artists set up a page on the Patreon website, where patrons can pledge to donate a given amount of money to an artist every time she or he creates a piece of art, optionally setting a monthly maximum. Alternatively a fixed monthly amount can be pledged. This is different from other crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, where artists obtain a single sum after a successful campaign and typically have to start over for every new piece.[3] Similar to other platforms however, artists will often provide rewards for their patrons.[7][8] Patreon takes a 5% commission on pledges.[9]

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