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bagaimana menerjemahkan istilah bahasa Inggris?

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Lex Chan:
Help..  ^:)^

Bagaimana menerjemahkan non-doing ke dalam bahasa Indo yang sesuai?
Sebagai ilustrasi, kira2 non-doing itu sbb:

It is very important not to think that this non-doing is synonymous with doing nothing. They couldn't be more different. Consciousness and intention matter here. In fact, they are key.

On the surface, it seems as if there might be two kinds of non-doing:
one involving not doing any outward work,
the other involving what we might call effortless activity.

Ultimately we come to see that they are the same.
It is the inward experience that counts here.
What we frequently call formal meditation involves purposefully making a time for stopping all outward activity and cultivating stillness, with no agenda other than being fully present in each moment.
Not doing anything.
Perhaps such moments of non-doing are the greatest gift one can give oneself.

Nah, jadi apa yang terjemahan non-doing yang pas?

non-doing = tanpa-usaha.

lagi terjemahin artikel ya?
ngeliat konteksnya sih, ndak bisa diterjemahken ;D

Lex Chan:

--- Quote from: Sumedho on 30 August 2007, 09:32:41 PM ---non-doing = tanpa-usaha.

--- End quote ---

Masih kurang greget..
Ada usulan lain?

Sukma Kemenyan:
Mungkin non-doing dsini terletak pada esensi emosi...
Coba lirik.... Brahmavihara -> Upekkha


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