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How Can You Use Essential Oils Safely?


How Can You Use Essential Oils Safely?

The quality of essential oils on the market varies greatly, from pure essential oils to those diluted with less expensive ingredients. And because there's no regulation, the label may not even list everything that's in the bottle you're buying. That's why essential oils should not be ingested.

Johns Hopkins also advises against using essential oil diffusers, small household appliances that create scented vapor. Diffusion in a public area or household with multiple members can affect people differently. For example, peppermint is often recommended for headaches. But if you use it around a child who's less than 30 months old, the child can become agitated. It could have a negative effect. Additionally, someone with fast heartbeat can react adversely to peppermint.

The safest ways to use essential oils include:

Aromatherapy accessories: Necklaces, bracelets and keychains made with absorbent materials you apply essential oils to and sniff throughout the day.

Body oil: A mixture of essential oils with a carrier oil such as olive, jojoba or coconut oil that can be massaged into skin. Because essential oils are concentrated, they can cause irritation. Avoid using them full-strength on skin.

Aroma stick: Also called an essential oil inhaler, these portable plastic sticks have an absorbent wick that soaks up essential oil. They come with a cover to keep the scent under wraps until you're ready.


Kenapa Aromatherapy di bahas karena bagian dari insect repellent terutama dari nyamuk

Contoh photo handmade Aromatherapy Clay Diffuser Essential oil

Wangi nya kecium jarak berapa oom


--- Quote from: Sumedho on 07 February 2021, 04:06:43 PM ---Wangi nya kecium jarak berapa oom

--- End quote ---

Kurang lebih diameter 1 meter - 1, 5 meter

Soalnya ada yang bicara jarak 1 meter lebih kecium wanginya, yang photo kalung rantai.

Untuk tipe Aromatherpy Locket pendant diffuser essential oil necklace

Yang dry clay belum tahu jarak nya (karena belum ada yang komentar tenrang jarak tercium baunya)


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