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Author Topic: The Nasal Ranger Field Olfactometer  (Read 3551 times)

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The Nasal Ranger Field Olfactometer
« on: 15 November 2013, 03:58:37 PM »

 Yes, in order to better investigate odor complaints, Denver Police are using a bizarre-looking nose telescope that quantifies the stinkiness of stinky stinks. The Nasal Ranger Field Olfactometer, designed and manufactured by the family- owned, Minnesota-based business
St. Croix Sensory, is actually a rather ingenious device. To function, a dial operated mixer delivers varying ratios of filtered and full-flavor air to the operator's nose. Meek odors wash out when mixed with small amounts of purified air, while a particularly stinky smell can still remain detectable in a 500:1 mix.

 To facilitate its use and application, the ingenious smelloscope offers an ODOR TRACK'R GPS-powered app, storing data from every sniff check to create a stink-map. Perfect for keeping an eye (or a nose) on repeat olfactory offenders.