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bagaimana kondisi Jackie Chan ?


cumi polos:

Sohu Entertainment News According to Taiwan media reports, the film Brother Chan often take years Oolong death this morning, the foreign site "CNM NEWS" to "JACKIE CHAN PASSED AWAY THIS MORNING" in the title, it reported that he died due to heart disease, and even pull Joan Lin at a press conference to confirm this, content absurd.
  Jackie Chan attended the event yesterday was alive jumping in Beijing, his friend Jackie Chan also found himself immediately said, simply fine. A search on this page photo NBC anchor Brian Williams of data and found that he had been suspended in February this year, six months, can not report the news at the moment, confirmation is false news, and has been parodied to death, Jackie Chan has been no response.

minggal sakit jantung, pagi ini ? mhon infonya

cumi polos:

jackie chan


"I was shocked by two news reports when I got off the plane. First of all, don't worry! I'm still alive. Second, don't believe the scam on Weibo using my name about the Red Pockets. This is my official Facebook page and I only have 1 official Weibo page. Love you all," Mr Chan posted on Facebook.

Well then did you know the Chinese film industry wanted to make Jackie Chan the next Bruce Lee, but they soon learned that Jackie had his own style?



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