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Diskusi Umum / Tuhan mempunyai batin/kesadaran
« on: 21 May 2020, 04:09:11 PM »
Sharing aja...~

Sang Buddha mengatakan bahwa alam semesta diciptakan oleh Batin/kesadaran...

Banyak Buddhist yang susah untuk menjelaskan teori ini. mereka memlilih untuk tidak membahas penciptaan alam semesta dan mengatakan bahwa pertanyaan itu tidak penting.

Well... aku punya "jurus" ampuh buat Buddhist2 yang di tanya pertanyaan ini, dan jurus ini aku pelajari dari Hindu Advaita.

Hindu Advaita mempunyai kepercayaan yang sama dengan Buddhism, bahwa alam semesta ini di ciptakan oleh Mind/Batin/Kesadaran/Awareness.

aku kasih contoh dialog nya ya.. biar gampang di mengerti :

A : Siapakah yang menciptakan alam semesta dan isinya?
B : Mind/Batin/Kesadaran/Awareness
A : Bisa tolong di jelaskan lagi, aku tidak mengerti...
B : Kita anggap saja bahwa Tuhan itu ada... dan dia yang menciptakan alam semesta..
A : ok baik, aku bisa mengerti kalau Tuhan menciptakan alam semesta.
B : Apakah tuhan mempunyai kesadaran/batin? apakah dia perlu untuk "sadar" untuk menciptakan? bagaimanakah mungkin sesuatu yang tidak mempunyai batin/kesadaran bisa menciptakan sesuatu? bukankah batin/mind adalah awal dari semuanya?

dengan jawapan seperti itu.. kita juga solve pertanyaan, siapa pencipta Tuhan..

semoga bermanfaat...

Meditasi / [Vajrayana] Meditasi Mahamudra dan Maha Ati (Dzog Chen)
« on: 19 May 2020, 04:52:51 PM »
Mahamudra dan Maha Ati di sebutkan sebagai meditasi tertinggi..

ada yang praktek ???

Artikel lama (7 tahun yang lalu, April 20, 2006), but worth reading...

Pernah bertanya2 kenapa China gitu kuat tapi uangnya gitu kecil...???

here you go :
Spoiler: ShowHide

Many in Congress want President Bush to pressure China's leader, Hu Jintao, to revalue the country's currency, called the renminbi or yuan. They say China's currency manipulation hurts the U.S. economy.

But others warn that a revaluation could raise interest rates for U.S. consumers — and might even cause a U.S. recession. NPR's international business correspondent, Adam Davidson, explains the issues behind the currency debate.

What does it mean for a currency to be undervalued or manipulated?

Well, let's start with the U.S. dollar and the British pound. These currencies are freely traded on international markets. Their relative prices are changing all the time in response to news and business events. The dollar might go up against the pound because U.S. unemployment data showed the U.S. economy to be strong; then the dollar might go down a bit because Apple Computer bought several million dollars' worth of parts from Japan. China's currency doesn't work that way.

If not by the market, then how is the value of China's currency set?

China's central bank simply declares an exchange rate and forces, by law, all market players to observe that rate. The yuan is allowed to fluctuate a tiny bit, but not much — and certainly not enough to accommodate the constantly changing pressures of the global marketplace. The Chinese have pegged the currency so that one U.S. dollar buys a little bit more than 8 yuan. Put the other way, one yuan is worth a bit more than 12 cents.

Most economists believe that if China's currency were allowed to trade freely, it would be worth more. No one can know for sure how much more, but leading economists put it in a range of 10 to 40 percent higher value than it is now. So, the yuan could go from being worth 12 cents to more than 17 cents.

Why should I care what the Chinese currency is worth?

By keeping the yuan artificially low in value, China is effectively giving U.S. consumers a discount on all Chinese exports. Why? Let's say a Chinese factory can make a profit selling DVD players for 800 yuan. That means they can then sell it to someone in the United States for $100. If the yuan were allowed to appreciate in value, that 800 yuan DVD player might suddenly cost, say, $115. If an American factory makes a similar player for $110, then that change in the value of the yuan can make the difference between business success and failure for the U.S. manufacturer.

So, by keeping its currency undervalued, China is discounting its own exports. That's good for U.S. consumers, who get to buy cheaper clothes and electronics and other items. But it's horrible for many U.S. manufacturers who find they can't compete with low Chinese prices. Some U.S. manufacturers, though, have adapted by buying many component parts at a lower cost from China. The ability of a manufacturer to adapt depends on the company and the product — and even on the level of globalization in that industry.

What would happen if China does allow the yuan to appreciate?

Many domestic manufacturers argue that if China simply revalues its currency, U.S. factories would flourish, and U.S. workers would have more and better-paying jobs. Most observers, though, say that's unlikely. While some manufacturers in some sectors would certainly benefit tremendously from a Chinese revaluation, many others would see little benefit.

In reality, that 800 yuan DVD player would not suddenly go up to $115 if China revalued its currency by 15 percent. China's government would likely cut taxes to keep their manufacturers competitive. The manufacturers themselves could also absorb some of the cost increase.

And the revaluation wouldn't have an impact on other costs of Chinese-made goods, such as shipping and advertising. In short, that DVD player might still be cheaper than the U.S. model, even with a Chinese revaluation. It's important to remember that China's exchange rate is only one factor in a highly dynamic global economy.

Does it matter at all if China's currency is revalued?

It matters a lot, but more in the long term than in the short term. Except in a few special cases, few workers or factories will see a sudden change of fortune in the days, weeks and months after a revaluation. However, over the coming years and decades, a revaluation of China's yuan and an eventual move to a fully floating currency would make the global economy healthier and better able to adapt to changing economic circumstances.

I've heard that China's current money policy helps keep interest rates low for U.S. consumers. Why is that?

China's central bank needs to constantly buy U.S. Treasury bonds. It's for technical reasons: Basically, to keep its currency fixed against the U.S. dollar, China must promise to be able to redeem one U.S. dollar for every 8 yuan. As China's economy grows, it must buy more and more U.S. currency to meet the growing number of yuan.

Because China keeps buying U.S. Treasury bonds, the Treasury Department is able to keep long-term interest rates lower than they would be otherwise. (If China weren't such a big buyer, the U.S. Treasury might need to raise rates to attract other investors.) Since Treasury bonds are the benchmark for most long-term debt, those lower rates extend to credit cards and mortgages.

Those low mortgage rates have fueled a dramatic housing boom, raising the price of many homes. All those inflated home prices have injected countless billions of dollars into the U.S. economy. Americans are flush with home equity and cheap debt.

So does that mean that changing China's money policy could hurt the U.S. economy?

A revaluation could cause an economic slowdown, even a recession in the United States.

Now, if China revalues its currency abruptly, it won't have to buy so many Treasury bonds. As a result, mortgage and credit-card interest rates could jump upwards — which means U.S. consumers would stop spending so much money. Stores and banks would be hurt. U.S. and Chinese factories wouldn't be able to sell their products, so they'd shut down or lay off workers. It could bring a self-reinforcing downward economic spiral.

Is it best to just do nothing?

In short, no. Most economists and policy makers in the United States and in China agree that, eventually, China must revalue its currency, or else global imbalances (America's $200 billion annual trade deficit with China) will grow too large.

There is a wide difference of opinion over how quickly China should revalue and what other measures need to happen to prevent painful economic costs. It is certainly theoretically possible to make the right adjustments in the right way so that both countries keep growing. It's also possible to do it completely wrong.



bagaimana menurut kalian tentang aliran Hindu ini???

Siapa bilang Hindu itu ahimsa~

Kafe Jongkok / [RAMAL] Jasa Gratis ramal tarot, runes, lenormand dll
« on: 16 April 2013, 05:26:00 PM »
Well, aku buat thread ini buat pemahaman lebih ke dalam dunia ramal meramal dan bagaimana konsep Buddhism bisa kita terapkan ke dalam ramal-meramal.

cara kerja-nya begini...

kalo ada yang mau diramal, tinggal posting aja di sini dan kalo ada yang berniat untuk membantu meramal orang tersebut bisa langsung ramal orang tersebut, dan kalo bisa tentu saja memasukkan hasil ramalan beserta gambar di thread ini (kalo yang diramal setuju).

Jadi bukan TS yang bakal nge-ramal semua member DC disini. aku buat thread ini hanya sebagai wadah yang suka ngeramal dan suka diramal untuk bertemu. intinya sama2 belajar lah~ ;D

TS juga tau persis kalo sang Buddha bilang meramal itu pekerjaan tidak berguna, tapi setelah saya ehipassiko sendiri, ramal meramal itu bukan memberikan vonis kalo masa depan anda akan sial atau beruntung, ramal meramal lebih memberi nasehat dan warning untuk kedepannya...

Dan feel free untuk bahas apa aja tentang ramalan dan buddhism, and please don't spam... _/\_

Meditasi / Tutup mata vs separuh mata
« on: 11 December 2012, 02:10:50 PM »
Sempet ke dhammadesana bhikkhu aliran vajrayana, dia bilang, guru yang benar paham meditasi itu tidak akan mengajarkan meditasi dengan mata tertutup, benarkah demikian?

DhammaCitta PEDULI / [DIBUTUHKAN] Vihara Viriyadhamma
« on: 13 September 2012, 11:03:16 AM »
Cuma sharing aja(ketemu di fb):

ana Pembangunan Bisa di kirim ke Rekening :
BCA KETAPANG : 8955 0073 24,
Kemudian sms ke
Handoyo Then Kok HP. 0852 4595 4233.
Deng Keh Zhong HP 0813-5206-3635
Manggala Putta HP 0852-4595-4233
Harthendy Silacaryo HP 0812-5651-4797
Bisa juga Gabung di Group Facebook Vihara VIRIYADHAMMA - Sei Purun.

Kafe Jongkok / [TANYA] dimana beli ulat Hongkong yang Udah mati
« on: 21 July 2012, 02:23:28 AM »
Gw melihara binatang yang omnivore, demi kesehatan dia, demi diet yang balance...dia perlu makan daging, contohnya ulat Hongkong.

Supaya Gk melanggar sila pertama ada yang tahu dimana biasa beli ulat Hongkong yang Udah mati/beku?

Tolong ! / Joomla...
« on: 03 March 2012, 06:01:03 PM »
Hello, gk tao ini section yg bener buat tanya2 tentang Joomla...but I need help, so..gw post di section ini...:D

Gw lage belajar pake Joomla...setelah stress sekitar 2 jam cari solusi...akhirne aye terpaksa...tanya disini...

moga yg bisa Joomla, bisa sharing dikit ilmunya... ;D rilex, pertanyaan gw pasti cupu banget...:D (beginner yo~)


1st problem :

Gambar dibawah adalah front page(aka index) sample set waktu install joomla...

dan kalo scroll ke bawah ada login form kayak gini...

pertanyaan gw....gmana carane masukin login form itu ke front page kita kayak gini??

gw dah cek 'menu manager' dan manager2 laen...gk kecari tempat buat ngontrol login form itu...

ini dibawah 'menu manager'-nya

ini dulu deh~...:D thanks!

Kaki Lima / [FOR SALE] (Pre-Order) Keyboard iPhone 4 NEW!!
« on: 27 February 2012, 12:38:02 PM »
Item(s): Keyboard iPhone 4 Pre-Order starts from senin (27/02/2012) -- Senin (12/02/2012)

Price: Rp 580000 (Slightly Negotiable)

Dealing method: Tiki ato COD

Location of seller: Jakarta

Contact method/details: PM/Email (Jeffrey2530 [at] gmail.com)

Age of item: NEW!


Item(s) conditions: Superb!


Reason for sale: Seller..:D

Emas kini makin disuka sebagai salah satu objek investasi. Sebagian menyebut emas sebagai pelindung aset, bahkan di komunitas tertentu emas dalam bentuk koin menjadi alat transaksi. Berinvestasi emas yang dulu menjadi cara paling tradisional generasi orang tua kita, sekarang menjelma menjadi cara investasi modern dengan gayanya yang baru: koleksi emas batangan sebagai pengganti tabungan dan deposito di bank, arisan emas sambil kongkow sepulang kerja serta investasi emas model cicilan di bank syariah.

Terlepas dari tren dan kesadaran kolektif masyarakat yang didorong pengetahuan akan pentingnya investasi, sebetulnya apa alasan kita berinvestasi emas? Mari kita lihat kelebihan-kelebihannya :

1. Emas adalah global currency dan nilainya diakui secara universal. Emas bernilai dimanapun, ia adalah mata uang yang diterima seisi bumi. Nilai intrinsiknya tetap & standar, sehingga bisa dibeli dan dicairkan di belahan bumi manapun.

2. Kebal inflasi, atau nilainya naik tidak pernah lebih rendah dari rata-rata inflasi. Pada 2010 emas naik 4 kali lipat inflasi nasional (inflasi 6,1% dan emas naik 24%), pada tahun 2011 emas naik 5 kali lipat lebih terhadap inflasi nasional (inflasi 3,79%, dan emas naik 22%).

3. Perawatannya mudah dan tidak perlu perlakuan khusus serta minim biaya, berbeda dengan harga pasif lainnya seperti rumah atau tanah.

4. Investasi dengan resiko sedang. Resiko yang mungkin muncul atas investasi emas adalah kehilangan, tapi bisa diemilinir dengan penyimpanan yang baik di Safe Deposit Box.

5. Memerlukan modal minimal sehingga investor dengan tingkat penghasilan berapapun bisa memulai investasinya di emas. Dengan dana bulanan Rp 500.000 seorang mahasiswa bisa memulai investasinya dengan membeli emas dengan berat 1gram (harga saat ini). Atau menjadikannya DP cicilan emas dengan satuan lebih besar.

6. Mudah dipindahkan dari manapun ke lokasi lain yang diinginkan. Ini bermakna emas mudah ditransaksikan, dijadikan hadiah atau pemberian, juga diturunkan sebagai warisan.

7. Tahan lama karena emas tidak bereaksi dengan udara, benda cair serta logam lainnya. Emas juga keras sehingga sulit sekali berubah bentuk. Kecuali emas perhiasan yang perlu dibersihkan rutin agar tetap mengkilat, emas batangan dan koin dinar bisa tetap dalam tempatnya bertahun-tahun dan tak ada perubahan fisik yang terjadi padanya.

8. Liquid dan dalam penguasaan pribadi, sehingga bisa diperjual-belikan serta dimanfaatkan sesuai keperluan pemiliknya. Emas adalah investasi dalam kontrol sepenuhnya dari investor.
Bagaimana, makin mantap kan berinvestasi emas? Tanpa modal besar & kemudahan mendapatkan, investasi emas bisa mulai dari sekarang juga!


Endy J. Kurniawan | Penulis Buku Best Seller Nasional "Think Dinar" | Penasihat Investsi Emas dan Perak | Founder & Owner SALMA DINAR – distributor Emas Batangan & Dinar Nasional | Follow  [at] endykurniawan &  [at] salma_dinar | visit www.endyjkurniawan.com & www.salmadinar.com

Tolong ! / [WTA] Coding PHP
« on: 07 January 2012, 05:09:37 PM »
Tolongin donk...

PHP neh...gw cupu kalo main coding...

Code: [Select]



$connect mysql_connect("localhost""root","") or die("Couldn't connect!");
mysql_select_db("phplogin")or die("Couldn't find db");

//$id = $_POST['studentList']; <--seharusnya pass ini dari page lain, tapi karena mo nge-test, gw dah disable ini...dan langsung hard code B1101 query dibawah

$to mysql_query("SELECT `parentEmail` FROM `parent` WHERE parent.studentID = 'B1101'");

$subject $_POST['subject'];
$message $_POST['message']; 


"E-Mail is sent!";
else {



email yg gw kirim gk jalan dan ada error message

"Warning: mail() expects parameter 1 to be string, resource given in C:\xampp\htdocs\HTPP\send_contact.php on line 23

ini kenapa yak? query gw dah gw coba di phpmyadmin, jalan kok...gk masalah....


 _/\_ thanks in advance

Kafe Jongkok / Prajna Paramita Hydra versi Japanese Rock
« on: 28 October 2011, 01:25:34 AM »

Kesehatan / [WTA] Cara kerja obat gosok cina Vs Es
« on: 07 October 2011, 05:55:31 PM »
Gw sering dapet bruises (bahasa indonya apa yak? lebam?) dan guru aye (punya pemahaman western medicine) suruh aye taro es...

tapi..gw lebih suka pake obat gosok dan gw pijit2 terus sampe biru...(baru bisa puas~) :))

bagusan mana yak? dan cara kerja obat gosok itu gmana? kalo es mah gw dah tao cara kerjanya..:)

Belum sempet baca "The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret & Science of Happiness" oleh Mingyur Rinpoche. ada yg punya e-book? kalo bisa yg versi English..:)


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