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Attaining Rainbow Body

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I wonder how we can really becoming the light/wisdom body when we die.
I read some lay commoner Buddhist die and become rainbow body.
They just practice simple things like chanting om mani padme hum...

hmmm... also, is rainbow body more difficult to achieve than vajra incorruptible?

thanks  _/\_

*males kudu pake bahasa sunda
i don't think so...

possible with only menjapa om mani padme hum, to be a rainbow body,
I think there must be a special technique

Shining Moon:
boleh share maksudnya nggak?

what is rainbow body?

The Ronald:
tubuh warna warni seperti pelangi....hmm..saran ku... pake cat jotun aja..aman bagi kulit, trus warnanya lebih dari 2000 warna...


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