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Author Topic: 7 Penyucian (Visudhi)- Vipasana, by Ven. Sun Lun Sayadaw.  (Read 2722 times)

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7 Penyucian (Visudhi)- Vipasana, by Ven. Sun Lun Sayadaw.
« on: 10 February 2008, 11:17:01 AM »
The Seven Purities or Visuddhis.


Gyok-pin Sayadaw asked U Kavi to explain the Seven Purities (Visuddhis). U Kavi said, “I do not know the technical terms. May I say it as I understand about it?” On being allowed to do so, U Kavi said as follows:

A YogÊ first pays homage to the Buddha, then send his merit to all the world, sharing his good deed. He offers his body to the Buddha during the period of meditation and donates himself to meditation for a prescribed period. When he has gained concentration, he will come to notice certain Sensations arising in the body. Without looking at anything, his eyes being closed, without uttering anything, without moving his hands (and body), he observes the sensation that has arisen in him. All the five faculties – faculty of eye, faculty of ear, faculty of smell, faculty of taste and faculty of body –  are thus under control,. This is called Purity of Morality or Sīla Visuddhi (because no evil deed is being done during that period). As the mind is fixed on the sensation, it is called Purity of Mind, Citta Visuddhi. When there is Purity of Morality and Purity of Mind, one can perceive things as they truly are. How? The pores at the base of body hairs seem to glow as when sparks of fire appear when you strike the flint with a peace of steel in the primitive mode of making fire. On seeing this, the YogÊ understands that there is no body, no head, no limbs (but only physical phenomena). The wrong concept of body disappears and reality is revealed. This Purity of vision is called Purity of Views, Ditthi Visuddhi. Then one’s conviction in the Buddha is made firm.

This is called Purity of Overcoming Doubts, Kankhāvitarana Visuddhi. The YogÊ feel, very glad then. With gladness comes a bright light phenomena in front of him; the mind clings to that brightness because there is a unique sense of well being that is being experienced. That is called being sunk in the ten dangers (Vipassanā Upakkilesās) or Insight defilements. The YogÊ ponders about this wonderful experience to which he is greatly attached. He realizes that this attachment is not to be allowed to remain. He keeps mindful of body again. This is called Purity of Knowledge and vision into the Right and Wrong Paths (Maggāmagganāna dassana Visuddhi). Then (painful) bodily sensations arise in him again. The object of meditation is now fluctuating – now high and now low. The YogÊ adjusts his consciousness gradually as that the fluctuation is arrested and it rests at a point that is non too high nor non too low, which is the correct position, the middle point. It is called Patipadānāna dassana Visuddhi, Purity of Knowledge and Vision of the Way.

At that moment of the (6th purity), the 7th the Purity of Knowledge and Vision, nānadassana Visuddhi arises as clearly as a shot were fired. (That is Maggā nāna that frees one from all defilements)

Gyok-pin Sayadaw was quite satisfied and said, “Your exposition is better (even than what we had traditionally learnt).”

(End of discussion on the Seven Visuddhis)

NB : Ini adalah proses penyucian yg terjadi dalam vipasana yg menghasilkan nyana2 dalam vipasana.Dan beberapa komentar mengatakan bahwa beberapa Vipasanna kilesa( kekotoran pandangan terang) muncul sebelum masuk tahap maggananadassana-visudhi(kesucian pandangan terang yg menyadari apa yg merupakan Sang jalan dan apa yg bukan.

Smoga bermanfaat bagi mereka yg berlatih Vipasana.

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