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Retreat Nyung Nay


Dear all,
Retret Nyung Nay tgl 3 sd 6 agst berangkat tgl 3 agst jam 6 sore,selesai 6 agst pagi di jhana manggala dibimbing Ven.Dechen. Pendaftaran tgl 9 sd 15 juli ke no 0811 1885 288. Pengganti konsumsi n transport Rp.100,000. Penjelasan Nyung Nay akan diberikan saat briefing tgl 22 Juli.
Potowa Center.
(Nyung Nay ini adalah satu metode purifikasi atas obstacle,halangan dan karma2 buruk dgn menggunakan yidam Chenrezig/Avalokitesvara)
Nyung Nay (or “Fasting Retreat” in English) is a Vajrayana practice from the Kriya ("Action") class of Tantra. It is a powerful, quick and effective method to purify a lot of negativities and at the same time collect a vast amount of merit. Meditators of the past have been known to purify such diseases as leprosy through this practice. However, the principal purpose of the practice is the attainment of supreme Enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings.

By keeping the eight vows which are:
   l. No killing
   2. No stealing
   3. No sex
   4. No telling lies
   5. No drinking alcohol
   6. No singing or dancing, makeup or ornaments
   7. No evening meals
   8. No sitting in high seats
for a period of twenty-four hours, along with The Chenrezig Practise
and reciting The Mani Mantra, by doing these things brings a real
benefit to the practioner and to the place where he or she practices.
By keeping the eight vows thoroughly for twenty-four hours purifies
the bad karma that will cause an individual to fall into The Hell
Realm and by fasting one purifies the bad karma to be reborn in The
Hungry Ghost Realm. By keeping silent one purifies the bad karma to
be reborn in The Animal Realm.
   All suffering and misfortune comes front negative powers, so The
Nyung Nay practice is to increase the positive powers so that it can
bring happiness and harmony. It is one of the most effective
practices to purify our defilements, and to purify environmental

lus, kok ga jelas yah...
berangkat dr mana? n acaranya di mana?

Aku jg bingung c hbs aku cuma forward email dr tmn  ;D , tapi bagi yg mau daftar hubungi no hp diatas aja, mgkn dia tau infonya lbh lengkap  _/\_

Salam metta,

wew..thanks anyway lus  ^:)^

El Sol:
ini Atha Sila yak?  :))


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