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Author Topic: “SILLY BOY BLUE” – DAVID BOWIE  (Read 4490 times)

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« on: 29 June 2021, 07:04:53 PM »

In 1966, David Bowie knocked on the door of the Tibetan lama Chime Rinpoche and said, “I want to become a monk.” But when Chime Rinpoche heard that Bowie’s talent was music, he advised “Don’t become monk; you do the music.” And that’s what Bowie did. He first developed a fascination with Buddhism and Tibet at 19. The song Silly Boy Blue was inspired by the description of Lhasa in Heinrich Harrer’s 1952 classic Seven Years in Tibet and the Potala Palace, Tibet’s traditional seat of government.



Mountains of Lhasa are feeling the rain
People are walking the Botella lanes
Preacher takes the school
One boy breaks a rule
Silly boy blue, blue, silly boy blue

Yak butter statues that melt in the sun
Cannot dissolve all the work you've not done
A chela likes to feel
That his overself pays the bill
Silly boy blue, blue, silly boy blue

You wish and wish, and wish again
You've tried so hard to fly
You'll never leave your body now
You've got to wait to die

La la la la la la la la la la [x2]
La la la la la [x2]

Silly boy blue, blue, silly boy blue
Child of Tibet, you're a gift from the sun
Reincarnation of one better man
The homeward road is long
You've left your prayers and song
Silly boy blue, blue, silly boy blue[x2]

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